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Author Topic: What dog beds you are using?  (Read 1981 times)
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« on: October 09, 2016, 12:47:04 AM »

I saw some articles and asked some vets, found out there are so many different types of dog beds out there. The beds are not just for a simple night of rest, different bed has its designed purpose. I sum up the list here:

Orthopedic dog beds
This style of bed is often a mattress type of bed which offers orthopedic support. Consider this type of bed if your dog is older, or is experiencing joint pain. An orthopedic dog bed is also a good choice for thinner dogs with more prominent bones because it provides extra cushioning to the bony prominences, avoiding painful pressure points. It's a great choice if your dog likes to sprawl out to sleep, because the mattress shape of an orthopedic dog bed is roomy.

Donut and bolster dog beds
This type of dog bed can often be round or oval and features a cushioned bottom together with a raised side. If he or she likes to lean against something for security, or likes to sleep with his head resting upon a raised pillow, your dog will appreciate this style of bed. Many smaller dogs find this sort of bed that should be cozy to be the cup shape helps retain body heat. Such a bed is fantastic for dogs who like to curl up.

Pillow or cushion dog beds
This is truly a simple dog bed which is basically a sizable pillow or cushion. This type of bed comes in a range of sizes, and is an efficient choice for dogs that enjoy sprawling out.

Heated dog beds
Heated dog beds are cozy and warm and consequently are another kind of bed that would be beneficial for older dogs. Dogs with painful joints can find the gentle heat soothes and reduces stiffness. Smaller dogs can possibly lose body heat which enable it to also have the benefit of a heated dog bed. Additionally, a heated dog bed is good for used in colder climates, plus some are even specifically intended for outdoor usage.

I already bought two dog beds from crazysales, one Orthopedic, one with heated pad.
What about you guys?
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hi there, that was a nice description for the different dog beds.  I have several but my dogs mostly just take MY bed. Smiley     LOL.
     I do have some orthopedic ones that they pile on.
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  Anyway, welcome!

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« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2016, 06:12:18 PM »

Hi and welcome. I have several and all different kinds. I have bought expensive ones and cheap ones. They use each one. The deep ones when it gets colder and the light less expensive ones when it was warmer. So, it just depends on the dogs and what they like.

It is quiet in here. You should have seen it in the "old" days. It was a hopping site. I miss the old days.

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